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Lead the lifestyle you’ve always wanted – in sun-soaked south Cyprus. Enjoying 300+ days of sunshine a year, the Republic of Cyprus is a popular destination for:

  • Holidaymakers
  • Retirees
  • Those looking tor relocate within the EU
  • Foreign nationals looking for a second home outside of their native country.

Add in a resident population that are welcoming, friendly and keen to promote their country, and it’s little wonder that Cyprus is also a top destination for property investors too!

Small island, rich history

Located in the eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus enjoys a unique position at the point where Western Europe meets the Middle East. The third largest island in the med, Cyprus has been the jewel in the crown of many civilizations, from the ancient Greek, Phoenicians to the Venetian, Ottomans and the British.

The result is an island community with a rich history and a multi-cultural feel, reflected in the diversity of properties available, from stone village houses on the forested slopes of the Troodos Mountains to Ottoman-balconied town houses in south Nicosia.

Popular holiday destinations in Cyprus

Many holidays makers from across Europe head to the coastal resorts to enjoy the unbeatable combination of sandy beaches and sparkling sea. Others prefer the unique character and simplicity of village life, whether on the hillsides outside Larnaca, Paphos, or near the coastal towns of Ayia Napa and Famagusta.

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The property market in Cyprus

There is a flourishing market for both new and resale homes, apartments and villas. The latest report into the Cypriot real estate market by KPMG (1) states:

“The great natural environment of beaches and mountains, the highly developed infrastructure, the growing tourism market, the low property tax and the climate, make Cyprus ideal for property investment.”

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Buying property in Cyprus

The Cyprus legal system is based on the British and Greek systems, and is considered far more secure than other Mediterranean countries.

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Not sure if renting or buying a Cyprus property is right for you?

Contact us at Just Cyprus Real Estate. We’re always happy to talk all things Cyprus, based on our personal experiences of living, working and relocating here.

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